"A New Theatre From An Old Era" 
"Following an outing at Spring Mill State Park one summer afternoon in 1977, a group of friends sat around towards the end of the day discussing plans for the evening.  The point was made that after such an enjoyable day in the park, it would be great to go to a show that evening.  The problem was the lack of any such entertainment within comfortable driving distance.  Further discussion brought about the suggestion that it would be nice there wss theatre in the park... thus the spark was ignited.  During the summer of 1978, Spring Mill Theatre became a reality.  the first summer saw the actors working on crude wooden platforms set atop blocks and a lighting system consisting of fallon tin cans with lights wired inside.  Over a decade and 50,000 patrons later, Spring Mill theatre has now gained a respected position among Indiana Theatre."  - An excerpt from a 1989 Spring Mill Theatre Playbill. 

In 1977, Chris Bundy, a Salem native, would devise the idea to open a summer stock theatre within the Spring Mill Inn.  In the Summer of 1978 the theatre was born under Bundy's Artistic Direction.  Within the thirteen seasons, Spring Mill Theatre would play to over 65,000 patrons, perform not only summer plays, but also a Christmas Madrigal Dinner, and become a well renowned and respected theatre.

"I remember it always bringing in a great crowd.  It was always very well received!  In my memory it was an enormous highlight at Spring Mill.  I worked as a waitress in the Inn Dining Hall and everyone always wanted to work the nights that SMT was playing a show, because it brought huge amounts of patrons into the Dining Hall and that always meant good tips."
- Angela Wison, Spring Mill Inn Waitress 1984-85


Each summer season produced two comedies and two musicals, fully staged in the Lakeview Room of the Inn.  In 1990 Spring Mill Theatre would close its final curtain after a battle with red tape through the state.  "Producer - Director, Chris Bundy, joined the cast on stage to thank the loyal patrons who have been regulars at the theatre.  He indicated it was an end of an era not necessarily the end of Spring Mill Theatre."  - Excerpt from The Times-Mail, Saturday, December 29, 1990. 



The Limestone Persimmon Theatre Company
& TheatreWorks Of Southern Indiana

In the summer of 2014 Seavor Roach met with Chris Bundy to discuss the possibility of reopening the Spring Mill Theatre within the park.  After much red tape that led to the closing of the theatre in the 90's lead to this project being haulted before it even saw a script or costume.  By the aligning of the reopening of the Opera Hosue and the ground work already laid out for a new theatre company the Limestone Persimmon Theatre Company Inc. was born.  The company would be the first Theatre in the city of Mitchell in over twenty years.  LPTC would open the Opera House with an orginal variety show, take its talents back to Spring Mill to perform an original historical drama in the Tavern during the Candlelight Tour, and produce a world premiere musical at the Opera House using talent from the Theatre Conservatory at Roosevelt University.  
In November of 2015, Roach began a dialogue with Bundy about transfering LPTC over to his direction to recreate Spring Mill Theatre.  On April 16, 2016, just past LTPC's first birthday the company would elvolve into TheatreWorks of Southern Indiana under the Artistic Direction of Chris Bundy.  

TheatreWorks of Southern Indiana 

TheatreWorks Of Southern Indiana is a nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to bringing quality live theatre to the Southern Indiana area.  TheatreWorks is slated to open its first season this summer with two Comedies and a Musical.  The first show was produced at The Mitchell Opera House and the studio theatre venue at Floyd Central High School, and venues including the tom weatherston studio theatre located at New Alabany H. S.  TheatreWorks is compiled of several dedicated artists with decades of experience behind them.  This is not the birth of a new company but instead the resurrection of a theatre with a successful history, a highly respected reputation, and an enormous passion for creating art.  

Where the theatre goes from here.....A note to our patrons concerning performances
at The Mitchell Opera House

 We were pleased to present our first production of the season at both our Floyd Central and Mitchell Opera House locations and particularly enjoyed welcoming back many of the familiar faces that patronized our productions while The Spring Mill Theatre was in operation through the late 1970', 80's and early 90's.  While we had hoped for a working relationship at The Mitchell Opera House that would generate many years of mutual growth between our organizations, we have found that both their required financial demands and unwillingness to accommodate theatrical requirements, sadly, makes a continued association unworkable.  We will continue our performances in the southern Indiana area using studio theatre venues located in both the Floyd Central and New Albany High Schools for the remainder of the season.  We will also be pursuing the possibility of bringing theatre back to Spring Mill Inn in the future as well.  Until such a working relationship might develop, we invite you to enjoy our shows at our other southern Indiana locations and, as always, thank you for supporting live theatre.  Chris Bundy, Artistic Director


TheatreWorks, PO Box 173, Mitchell, IN 47446
 TheatreWorks, Attn: Chris Bundy, 505 N.Main, Salem, IN 47167